The 5 Secrets to Be Happy in Conjugal Life

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From the day you say ’I do’’, it begins dawning on you that you have just started one of life’s most arduous journey. The journey of a conjugal life is not an easy one and there are indeed as many people how have fallen by the wayside as those who have made it successfully.

Over the years, the marriage life has been satirically termed as a course of study in which the students are awarded merits at the onset of the training. This basically means that once you start walking this road, you will always contend with the fact that nearly everything is a learning process.

In this article, we shall look at the 5 secrets to a happy married life with a view to helping you walk this journey together with your spouse or partner to its logical end.

#5. Know Your Place

We all have our different roles to play in a married life and the first trick to experiencing the true beauty of this life is understanding your role. In a typical union, each partner has their own spheres that they influence and while some roles may overlap, it should never appear clear that you are usurping your partner’s powers.

If your duty is to, say take the kids to school every day, you should appear to be delivering in this regard but even then, it should not come out as though you are the one that is solely responsible for their education. Just learn to exercise yourself within your spheres of influence.

#4. Have Some Mutual Agency

Another secret to a happy conjugal life is being able to act as one another’s agent. The fact that your husband is late from work when there was a family get-together does not mean the whole world comes to a standstill. You could easily fit in his shoes and try to speak his mind so that it appears the both of you can represent each other in either party’s absence. In a nutshell, you should be the voice that amplifies your spouse’s thoughts when they are not there.

#3. Let the Past Go

We often love to gloss over our past achievements, don’t we? Well, it is only fair that we do for if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it. However, not everything we achieved in the past deserves a mention in the future, or the present for that matter.

Regardless of how successful that kid you got outside wedlock is, hell should freeze over before you can mention it to your spouse. It may be your source of pride but remember your lives are now intertwined and bringing forth such discussions, no matter how reassuring they may seem to you, may just spell the end of your conjugal union.

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#2. Speak It Out

Many marriages collapse on account of the silliest of mistakes. Well, somehow, Mr. Richy doesn’t find the idea of leaving dishes on the dinner table after meals quite pleasant but what does Mr. Richy do? He remains silent and lets these dislike build in his head till it consumes him one day and he decides to hurl an indescribable insult to his wife.

What does it cost to speak out your mind? It may seem like the most insignificant thing to say but if you dislike anything in your relationship, there is no better remedy than to discuss it with your spouse and let them know your thoughts.

#.1 Build Memories Together

Now, this is my favorite of all the secrets to a happy conjugal life. There are many ways to building unforgettable memories together and I will not mince my words on this. To start you off, ensure each morning you step out of your bedroom door, you are smiling at each other at the thought of the wonderful night that was. A satisfying sexual experience is key to building lasting relationships.

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Additionally, go places together and you really do not have to be the adventurous kind to make this happen. You could just step out of the house and plant flowers or do some lawn mowing together. Remember, it is ALWAYS the little things that matter.

Over to you

Go now and make your spouse believe they own the world. Make use of these top secrets to a conjugal life and you will always regret why you did not know them earlier.

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