The Best Yoga Kit for Beginners

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Finally made up your mind to join a yoga class? Good for you! This is one decision that will elevate your life to entirely new heights: physically, spiritually and emotionally. In fact, yoga will fill you with the potent dose of positive energy necessary to ensure you live a more fulfilling life beyond the walls of your yoga gym. This includes your professional, social and personal life. So, strap in and enjoy the ride, ’cause the only way your life is going from here is up.

If you’re new to yoga, then you need to make all the asses, you will need to find yourself the perfect kit to ensure you reap the most benefits as a yogi. A good kit should provide you with the much needed delicate balance necessary preparations. Apart from working out an ideal schedule to accommodate your cltween comfort, support, and control. You may, therefore, need to ask some of your friends or instructor on the best brands for them. Just be sure to try them out yourself before you set out to buy any.

Without further ado, let’s get to the gist of this article. Here, we talk about all the stuff you will need that will go a long way to serving you years down the line. Consider this as the ultimate guide to picking your very firstĀ best yoga kit for beginners.

1. A Yoga Mat

Of course, no yoga session would be complete without a yoga mat. Although some yoga gyms do provide this for you in every session, it is always a good idea to get your own. This is for obvious reasons of hygiene as well as comfort. So, what should you be looking for? A good mat should be thick enough to cushion you. It should also have enough friction to keeping you from slipping from your pose during the session without being uncomfortable. Rubber or cotton mats are great options as they are friendlier to the environment. They are also easy to clean.

yoga mat for beginners
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With yoga mats, comfort comes first. Thin ones will hurt your knees and won’t do much to aid your stability as a beginner. Thicker, denser mats are always a sure bet and the best way to go. Remember to ask your instructor which local brand is best before you go buy one. And you can even do a test run with some poses on the one pick at the store before you buy it. It is also a good idea to pick a color that summons your inner calm. Maybe plain or decorated with patterns or flowers? Whatever works for you.

2. Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks

It is great to have one of these are a beginner. As a rookie, your flexibility will probably be a bit off in the beginning. But, not to worry. That’s perfectly normal. Yoga blocks will help you progressively improve your suppleness by providing you with an elevated surface to hold on to when you can’t reach the floor. These will, therefore, keep you comfortable and ensure steady progress throughout your classes. It may also help you avoid injuries.

As you advance to becoming a better yogi with time, you can use the blocks to increase the difficulty of your poses. They can be used to increase the distance you need to stretch to your feet when placed beneath the foot in a sitting pose. So, you won’t only need these as a beginner, you will grow with them. It’s always a good idea to pick a color that matches your mats.

3. Yoga Straps

As a beginner, these will be perfect you. Especially if you have tight shoulders and hamstrings. They will help you achieve proper body alignment and reach for your feet in tough poses. You can increase the stress you maintain in the pose by shortening the straps with time as your muscles get more and more pliable. They can even be used to support you in poses like Chaturanga, handstands, and restorative poses. The applications are endless and they also come in different colors.

4. Yoga Bolster

These are big, thick pillows meant to help you relax better and give you an extra (and more comfortable) nudge in your flexibility. Relaxing poses like Savasana can be made a lot sweeter by adding a bolster to the mix. Add it to the lower back region and the effect is nothing short of magical. You can also use them to smoothen out your experience with tough poses like the wide-seated forward bend by placing it under your chest. It is the perfect combination of comfort and progress in one sweet, soft bundle.

5. Proper Yoga Clothes

It is always a good idea to get form fitting clothes for yoga. A simple tank top or t-shirt and leggings or shorts would suffice. You want to put on something that doesn’t move too much that it distracts you from your session. And while it isn’t necessary to cover your entire body, a little modesty does go a long way in making everyone else in the room feel more comfortable.

Well, it’s official. You are now set to travel the path towards inner peace and sanity in a world engulfed by crazies of shapes and sizes. Having the right kit at your side will go a long way in ensuring that yoga classes become your brightest hours after a long, trying day at work or class.

So, what are you waiting for, go get your kit today and start nailing those cool poses!

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