Ease Migraine Headache with 5 Yoga Asana

Ease Migraine Headache
So you want to ease migraine headache? However, migraine is not a typical headache. Whether you have been experiencing this issue, you certainly suffer pounding pain and throb, sometimes nausea as well as sensitivity to light, and often sound. In the time a migraine strikes, you will certainly do almost all things to make it go away.

Migraine headache is often preceded by warning symptoms. It is intense, debilitate throbbing or headache. The most common categories of migraine are those sans aura (previously called common migraine headache) and with aura (previously called classic migraine headache). It can starts giving pain in the childhood or may happen until early adulthood.

You can follow a natural remedy, which is a drug-free remedy to reduce your migraine issue. Many people consider mild exercise including home treatment that may help prevent migraine, or at least help minimize their severity, including the duration of a headache. However, not all methods come without any side effect. Opting for a method that you do not know may increase the risk of hypertension, cardiac issue, insomnia, depression, and nausea to name a few.
But no need to worry, there is a natural way to combat migraine headache without hurting the body’s natural process. Yes, luckily, the answer is ‘YOGA’.

Let us discover five powerful yoga asana to relieve migraine headache!

Ease Migraine Headache with 5 Yoga Asana

Yoga is a primitive technique or method that promotes completely holistic living through a combination of poses and breathing exercises. Yoga is a side-effect free & drug-free method to combat migraine headache. Regular practice of these simple, yet powerful yoga poses for a few minutes at home will help reduce migraine headache and prepare you better for your further migraine attack:

1. Standing Forward Bend Pose

Nearly everybody gets a headache at different times in life. While it is a common type of pain, but not all headaches are alike. Standing forward bend yoga pose is one of the most powerful yoga that helps you fight against migraine pain.
This standing bend helps the nervous system by increasing the blood supply and calms the mind just after a few weeks practice. Repeat this asana 2-3 times to reduce the intensity of migraine headache. Now you know a powerful yoga for migraine, when a headache looms, you should not forget to try it.

2. Bridge Pose

Migraine headache affects more than 50 percent of all women and more than one-third of all men in almost all developed countries in the world. It is a common type of headache. Yoga is a proven method to prevent migraine headache.
Bridge pose is a great yoga for migraine. It helps keep your blood pressure under control, calms your mind, relaxes your brain and minimizes anxiety. Besides these facts, while doing this yoga, your blood flows to the brain helping to relieve pain.

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3. Child Pose

Because migraine can be truly hurting, and last from 5 to 24 hours, even more, early treatment is no doubt a key. Painkillers are not at all good for long-term treatment. You should follow yoga that can bring relief from all types of migraine pain.
The Child pose is a good yoga that calms down your nervous system and effectively prevents and reduces the migraine pain. This yoga pose is a great stress buster. It can gently stretch your hips, thighs, and ankles. It can calm your mind easily and help relieve depression, stress, and fatigue. Do not forget to list this powerful yoga pose on your migraine yoga list. Child pose is a pose known for calming mind and body. This pose also stretches your body.

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4. Cat Stretch Pose

Migraine headaches generally occur when you trigger stress, anxiety, depression, hormone fluctuations, sleeplessness, changes in weather, and some other medications. Cat stretch pose is perhaps, one of the most powerful basic yoga to get rid of migraine pain.
It invigorates the nervous system and calms the mind. The Cat stretch improves blood circulation and relaxes the brain. It helps beat stress and helps you breath better and easier. One of the best parts of this yoga pose is, it helps you relax, tense the muscles and get rid of pain immediately.

5. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Migraine sometimes described as a neurological issue that can cause an acute headache on one side or both sides of your head. Some other symptoms include sensitivity to light, nausea, sensitivity to sound, pain in eyes, loss of vision, vomiting as well as seeing lights. It triggers the factors like stress, depression, anxiety, loud noise, hormonal changes and often food habit.

Downward facing dog pose is a great yoga pose that can help you fight against regular migraine pain. This pose improves your blood circulation in the brain and gives relief from an immediate headache. It stretches your body properly, clears your mind as well as strengthens your bones. It also refreshes your brain quickly with oxygenated blood.
The yoga routine should complete by lying down with corpse pose for a few minutes. This yoga pose helps rejuvenate your body by bringing it into a deep and calm state of meditative rest, which is essential for a regular yoga routine. Practicing these simple, yet powerful yoga poses will reduce the impact of migraine pain and may eventually stop the pain permanently. Therefore, it is the time to roll out your yoga mat, repose for a few minutes every day, and shut migraine out of your life.

Why Practice Yoga for Migraine Pain?

Migraine pain causes unbearable sometimes and can hamper your personal and professional life. Yoga is a holistic method. It has no side effect. It is the best form of exercise. It helps you make resistance to the migraine attack better. You should not use yoga as an alternative to medication.


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