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Today, online fitness is prospering but with many options; apps, social media, YouTube, workouts from trainers and streaming video services. Just because there is access to many exercise programs with a click of a button, it does not guarantee that you will be:

  • Taught well
  • Led by an instructor who is qualified
  • Accompanied by a quality sound or a high definition video.

This article gives a fresh and honest Grokker review. Grokker is a platform that guarantees the above-bulleted points. It offers high-quality yoga videos, and fitness and it has emerged as one of the best online platforms. Grokker yoga sources and promotes their HD videos that are put together by qualified and approved instructors. They curate from other sources a mix of best fitness. The site is a one-stop-shop for the perfect fitness videos on the internet.

Benefits of Grokker
Flexible workout times

Some videos are less than five minutes, and there are others that are more than five minutes. So there is something for everyone.

A variety of genres

You can search video content via general categories such as fitness and yoga. You can even dial the search down to more specific topics. For example, within the fitness category, you can search videos in subcategories of strength, cardio, Pilates, and more.

Helpful starting point

Grokker administration understands that many options can be debilitating. They do not leave users to navigate on their own, but provide tracking tool to track workouts and a button for start with a series. For beginners who are focusing on yoga or fitness, find this tool very useful.

Scheduling feature

This feature allows you to plan workouts for a week or month. You can set reminders and receive emails 10 minutes before the workout.

Strong community focus

The site is set up to encourage and promote community and interaction. You can interact via the forum, post questions and follow other community members (enthusiasts).

Easy interface

The platform is pleasant to interact with and navigate through. It has a list of new videos that appear on your homepage and a daily video for you to check. The videos you watch are saved automatically on your profile

Affordable and excellent content

The service is available currently for the monthly subscription of $14.99. The fee includes access to nearly 4,000 quality workout videos, Grokker community forums, helpful articles, Q&A pages and most importantly a comment section on videos where you can communicate with Grokker instructors.

Supported Technology

1. Supported Devices:Apple TV, iPhone/iPad (iTunes app), smart TVs (various brands), computer
2. Loading Speed:High speed internet or data (for mobile viewing) is ideal for the best streaming quality.
3. Video Quality:All "Premium" videos provided Grokker are high quality.

Why sign up at Grokker

grokker review

Grokker yoga chooses their experts by themselves who are readily available to keep you motivated and answer all of your questions. Whether you have few minutes or an hour, Grokker caters for your need to be healthy and happy every day. The site offers a free trial for gym goers who are torn between going to the gym or following up online sessions. The trial is usually for two weeks so that the person can have ample time to decide whether to subscribe or continue going to the gym. This site is a one-stop shop for your fitness need, and their subscribers report positive reviews. Your money will be worth the service, and it won’t go to waste.

Let’s have a look at our likes and dislikes:

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So if you are dedicated to change your life you may start your yoga journey from today. So Get the Challenge!