How to start yoga at home (Beginners Guide)

yoga at home

In the mechanical life of today that is filled with stress, practicing yoga on a regular basis enables you to avoid the side effects of stress while keeping you healthy, more productive and happier throughout your daily chores. But with a busy schedule and a bunch of responsibilities that you have to attend to, it can get a little tough to find time for Yoga. But what if you could start practicing right at the comfort of your very home? Once you have learned the prominent techniques of yoga, you can conveniently practice it at your home. Here are some great tips on how to start yoga at home that will facilitate your success in yoga journey.


Although yoga has been claimed to be the most effective if it’s practiced early in the morning. It enables you to give a little boost to your energy that helps a great deal throughout the day. However, if it doesn’t appear to be a convenient time for you, it is highly recommended to practice it before lunch, evening, or any other time that is convenient for you. Just because you couldn’t do it in the morning must not be an excuse not to practice it throughout the rest of the day. If you are a newbie to this beautiful journey I’ll suggest you to read the benefits of yoga.


It is highly recommended to have a separate room in isolation to practice yoga. However, if you can’t manage to have a whole room to yourself for your daily practice, you can choose any part of your house that is quiet and calm, where you can be in complete solitude without any kind of disturbance. Remember, a consistent disturbance while practicing yoga kills the purpose in the first place. It is further advised to practice yoga either before your meal or a couple of hours after it since you’d be able to exercise the postures in perfect fashion with a light or an empty stomach.

Yoga Wear:

It should go without saying that yoga entails a few wide stretches, therefore, you must not put the tight clothes, heavy jewelry or even an excessive makeup while practicing yoga. Moreover, to avoid putting an excessive amount of strain on your muscles or possibly injuring yourself, it is advised, to begin with flexing your body as a warm up before starting a rather intense form yoga for the day. You can shop from manduka which has the largest selections of yoga clothes and yoga mats.

Be Gentle:

Since you are searching an answer to “how to start yoga at home” where you won’t have a trainer with you, it is indispensable to mention here that pushing your body beyond its capability is certainly not going to bring the results faster. You must practice yoga with a calm state of mind, perhaps a smile on your face, and always do the poses gently and slowly. Rushing into it is only going to put you at the risk of an injury which will only make it more painful and difficult for you to practice yoga on a regular basis.

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Family Fun:

One of the most convenient ways of practicing yoga at home on a regular basis is to get your family or friends in on it. Each member of your group can bring in a few of his learned techniques that you can adopt which will ensure that you are making use of a wide variety of yoga techniques for healthier and better results. Having your family or friends’ support further ensures consistency and helps a great deal in making yoga a habit of yours. With people on your back, it’ll be more difficult for you to miss a day which will certainly translate into better and faster results. You must remember that it is a proven fact that a twenty minutes of yoga practice with consistency, on a regular basis, is far more appropriate to achieve your target than a couple of hours of training but only once a week. In other words, when it comes to getting your desired results with practicing yoga at home, it’s all about the consistency.

how to start yoga

Considering the above-mentioned information, your quest for “how to start yoga at home” has finally completed since you are now familiar with a few of the prominent tips which will certainly help a great deal in practicing yoga at your own home. All you have to do is implement the tips mentioned above, and you’d be able to relish the benefits of your mind and body in complete synchronization. You may want to include a few breathing and meditation exercises to get the most out of practicing yoga at home.

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