Road To Be A Yoga Mom: The Ultimate Guide


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The term yoga mom means you the moms who are in good body shape during her pregnancy or after motherhood. But how can you achieve a perfect body shape when you have an infant in tow?

The simplest and straightforward answer is you need to have a habit of exercising yoga daily. More specifically, you should join a mom and baby yoga class. In this type of yoga classes, you can bring six weeks to crawling aged baby and practice yoga without having to face many difficulties.

You know, during pregnancy or after motherhood, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes, both internally and physically. And it’s only natural if they want to get into their pre-baby body shape as soon as they give birth.

Why yoga, and why not hit the gym?

That’s because aside from shedding extra pounds and achieving great fitness, yoga has severe positive effects on the mind of a young mother. You will be able to deal with depression, stress, and trauma and achieve calmness and mental clarity with regular yoga practice. And that’s why yoga is immensely popular among new mothers as well as other fitness enthusiasts.

Before Being Yoga Mom: The Hardest Things You May Face

Nothing else can express the joy of motherhood. Everyone who goes through this amazing phase knows the spectrum of emotions one feels while pregnant and giving birth.

As a new mom, it is quite natural that you have faced many challenges and ups and downs. When a baby arrives, they need proper care and concern and being a new mom, you might face tons of obstacles.

Let’s discuss some of the main barriers you have to face being a mom of a baby or before being a yoga mommy:

Before Yoga Mom: You May Suddenly gain weight

The most common problem most new mother goes through is sudden weight gain. During pregnancy, a woman tends to eat properly and that might lead to weight gain. Hormonal imbalance is also one factor contributing to weight gain. To lose weight many tries to crash diet or intensive exercise which are quite dangerous for a new mom.
To fight these concern and obstacle, a new mom must try to practice yoga regularly to not only shed those extra pounds but also achieve mental calmness and serenity.

Before Have Yoga habit: You May Have Lack of sleep

Babies have totally different hours of sleeping than you. They tend to keep you awake through most parts of the night. This routine tends to hamper your sleep on a daily basis and makes you forgetful, irritated and might often lead to depression.

Regular practice of yoga would help you to fight these problems. The mandatory part of yoga would assist you to calm yourself, fight short-term memory loss and also fight depression and trauma.

Before Yoga Practice: Depression and trauma can attack you

Due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and lack of sleep and attention, it is very natural that a new mother might fall into depression and trauma. This is a real struggle for her as well as her family members.

To fight depression and trauma, there is nothing more fruitful and effective than regular yoga practice. The various types of breathing techniques and meditation parts help you to find inner serenity and with time fight depression and trauma. A yoga mom can come over all of her depression and trauma attacks gradually.

                                                               Hey Dear Yoga Mom,

>>>Really Feeling Depression…???

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Before Being Yoga Mom: Struggles can be your daily companion

Believe it or not, many new mothers find it difficult to cope up with the new addition in life and the vast amount of responsibilities that comes with it. To ease up these struggles and stress, you must start doing yoga on an urgent basis so that you can gain your solitude before going insane.

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The Solution: How To Overcome The Obstacles To Be A Yoga Mom

As a new mom, you have to face a lot of obstacles and difficulties to manage time for yourself after meeting all your baby’s needs. It’s important that you look after your baby, but it is also important that you give time to yourself for your serenity and calmness and also to look after your health.

Let’s talk about a few ways and time management tricks that you could use to successfully steal some “me time” for you and go for a yoga practice. Some mom and baby yoga poses can really solve all of your problems.

Exercise yoga daily: Assess your time

To be a yoga mommy the first thing you must do is to make a list of your daily activities and look closely at how you spend your time. Find out the least important work from your schedule that can be done later or can be avoided altogether to make some time to attend your yoga practice.

Prioritize your activities while trying to be a yoga mom

Know your priorities. As a mom, your first and foremost priority is your child but again there are a few tasks that can wait for a later time. Make a list of the most important works you need to full-fill immediately and the ones that can be taken care of during the weekends. By this, you will be able to sneak some time for your yoga practice.

Yoga with baby: Get better organized

Organizing your time and your things can help new moms like you to get rid of stress. Simply by maintaining a to-do list could save you from forgotten appointments, double-bookings, lost homework, and much other stress traps that new moms like yourself have to face.

Don’t shy to ask for help if you are new in yoga classes

If you have the means and ability to hire help, then don’t shy to ask for help. Because by hiring help you can hand over some of your work responsibility and can finally have to free time to practice your yoga mom poses to get fitter and more serene and calmer.

Yoga Opportunities

After you have finally and successfully manage time from your busy motherly schedule, the next step in becoming a yoga mommy is to find the best yoga opportunity that suits you perfectly. So, what are the opportunities you can get out there? Let’s see….

1. Yoga classes near you

There may be more than a few moms and baby yoga classes near you but are all of them good? Can all of these classes meet your yoga demands? Maybe or maybe not. It’s quite a task to find the best class. Start out by looking for a beginner’s level class as you are new to mommy and baby yoga. An entry level class would obviously help you to get into the mood. And then you can always move up to advance classes if you want more challenges.

To find out the best yoga class near you always ask opinion from your friends and families who attend those classes, seek online review and if necessary visit yourself for authentic information.

2. Several different online yoga classes

It is only natural that you might not have enough time to attend a physical yoga class after managing your little baby. If that is the case, you always can register in an online yoga class to help you get into shape and achieve mental serenity.

There are several different online courses available on the web that would teach you yoga poses in return of fees. You can select your level, clas`s style, duration, focus, yoga poses as well as your teacher when you sign up for one of these online yoga classes. You can try Gaia, a Conscious Media, Streaming Yoga Videos & More.

3. YouTube Yoga lessons

To practice yoga by watching YouTube, you can check these yoga videos on YouTube.

4. Helpful online articles and websites

Here is the Yoga Resource list you can check on and start yoga with their 30 to 60 days challenge.

Start Yoga Practices: It’s Time To Take Preparation To

Dear Yoga Moms, perhaps if you’ve ever wondered what yoga means, it means union. If you’re pregnant (or about to be), yoga before birth can be extremely effective to incite a happy, and healthy birth.

Many instructors would give all sorts of advice on how to prepare yourself before starting yoga or before going for yoga classes but we would recommend 3 tips only:

The right timing for exercising yoga

You need to be very careful about your baby while you warm up. So be slow, take your time. The perfect time to get your body all warmed up should be 15-20 minutes.

Yoga Food Habit

The most asked question we have got from you, “can I eat right before leaving for the practice?” The answer is a big NO. You will feel nauseous, and of course, heavy. You should eat at least four hours before yoga. If it’s a light meal, make sure you’ve two hours left before your practice.
To get the full foods list and food ideas for yoga; you can go here in this article, “the foods you should eat before and after your yoga class“.

Drink a lot of Water when you start a yoga course

Just make sure you have 30 minutes before and after the yoga in your hand. You can drink any time outside this time frame.

Any products that would be helpful for yoga?

You might think you can work it out with what you have, but trust us, you might use some yoga products to make your yoga practice easy and comfortable. Things you need for your yoga exercise:

  • Yoga Towel
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga Bag
  • Yoga Strap
  • Yoga Hand Towel
  • Yoga Block
  • Yoga Blanket
  • Yoga Bolster
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner

At this point, this might seem you are all prepared but you should check somethings out before you come to any conclusion. It’s an on-demand well-being video platform that people love and follow thoroughly.

The word grok means to drink and soak yourself in the knowledge that transformed you. So, if you’re a Grokker member it means you have been transformed.

Grokker is like a personal trainer at your home. You need to try it out once. You will sweat a lot but it will de-stress yourself from all the worries. You can attain the ultimate relaxation.

What about my toddler?

If the mom is about to get in shape with yoga, what do the toddler does meanwhile? For the Yoga mom and toddler, there are classes that allow your toddler to stay right with your kid during your yoga. You can practice while the little plays around. Your baby can get into some practice too. This ensures the safety of your baby and keeps him/her healthy as well.

The Road To Start Yoga: The Steps

If they say not to carry anything the first week after giving birth, they mean it. You must only take rest in the first week and regain your lost strength. It will be an excruciating pain even if you just want to sit on your butt.

It will hurt. A lot. You will see day by day your body would want more comfort and soon you might become lazy. This is absolutely normal! But you should not lay in dismay with your own self. You gave birth to your beautiful boy or girl and it was perfect. To be a perfect mom you need to get back to being your healthy, strong self as fast as possible.

It often might seem that a mother means you cannot be anything else. But that is just an obscure illusion from the heaviness of your heart and your body. Your new being needs much of your care and attention at the same time when you are tender and vulnerable yourself.

Take a deep breath and follow these simple steps to get yourself back or turn yourself into a totally new person and make you a perfect yoga mom.

7 Guidelines Before Starting Yoga

>>Guideline #1: Rest Assured, re-integrate
If you’re way too overwhelmed with your first time being a mother, then this is what marks your glory and joy of your first year into mothering. You can cure this with yoga. If you had a practice before you giving birth, you are well aware of how effective it is for you.

So first re-integrate your body and recollect your mind. Here are some basics for new Yoga Moms.

>>Guideline #2: In and out
This one is dedicated to strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and really lower abdominal. Breath in well and breath out. Continue this for as long it takes you to calm down and clear your head.

>>Guideline #3: Bend it NOT like Beckham
Once you feel a little steady try to bend with slight small angles. Beginning to start with a few forward bends would make you go a long way to get your flexibility and fitness back. You can try it for two weeks or so after birth. Try a little to compress your belly into its pre-pregnancy position. Take your legs straight into your front. Bend a little from your hips at your front, but don’t push yourself. Try to see how far you can get naturally.

>>Guideline #4: Wait! Not before Six weeks.
Of course, you’ve heard about different yoga positions, but be very careful not to put much pressure and doctors recommend this limit to be at least up to six weeks after giving birth.

>>Guideline #5: Yoga With your Baby
The Mom and Baby Yoga are getting popular day by day with the newborn set. But you need to be thorough on what things you should be careful about the baby, what you might expect, what are the things you must carry etc.

>>Guideline #6: Things to carry While Exercising Yoga With your Baby:

1. Baby blanket
2. Extra diapers with a diaper bag
3. Dry snacks
4. Clean water
5. The precious toys to keep him/her busy.

>>Guideline #7: How do you manage your toddler to get started with yoga?
You need to be very clever to convince kids into doing something you want them to do. You need to pay attention. Play along with them to understand what they like. You always need to figure out your kid on your own since every little child is different. But check these small hacks for the Yoga Mom and Toddler.

  • Get crazy, if you may. Make them enjoy. Make it interesting.
  • Start with easy poses.
  • Be absolutely open & friendly.
  • Be funny and not so stiff

We Found Some Best Yoga Poses for New Moms:

1. Pertaining a diaphragm breathing yoga pose

Pertaining a diaphragm breathing yoga pose

First, lie on your back. Completely align it with the surface, and make it straight. Relax. And take deep breaths.

2. Pelvis focused exercise yoga pose

Pelvis focused exercise yoga pose

Now lie down and hold your pelvis by lying on your back. Your left hand should be on your belly. Keep your knees tight.

3. Lifts and blocks yoga pose

Lifts and blocks yoga pose

Bend your knees slowly from an earlier position. Fold your knees inwards. Keep your arms on the side. Feet will be ground onto the floor.

4. Variations yoga pose

Variations yoga pose

Now get into tabletop positions. Knees hip-width apart, stack it under the hips. The hand should be on the floor. Draw your tailbone down, try to see over your belly button.

5. Firm chest yoga pose

Firm chest yoga pose

Just get up and get into kneeling position. Sit back between blocks on your feet or onto your heels. Inhale and exhale slowly. Bring your arms overhead and get them back into the portrayed position.

6. Dog pose facing downward yoga pose

Dog pose facing downward yoga pose

Now face downward, take your hands forward. Tuck your all the toes and try to root with the knuckle. Lift up your hips and stretch slowly.

7. Supported variation yoga pose

Supported variation yoga pose

It is almost similar to dog pose but there should be comfortable support on beneath the head.

8. Tucks yoga pose

Tucks yoga pose

Lower your knees to support variation. Press your hands on the floor. Lift yourself up in the push-up position and just bend one knee at a time.

Some Precautions While Practicing Yoga


Do’s: Don’ts
1. Must focus
2. Be patient
3. Take the right accessories
4. Keep up the mental strength
5. Breathing is the most important
6. don’t exceed the pain limit
1. Be natural, don’t think much about the rules
2. Do not compare
3. No need to be competitive
4. Don’t skip the poses you don’t like
5. Don’t be inconsistent


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Yoga Time Foods Rule:

  1. See if you’re not eating way too much
  2. Go green. Consume more green vegetables and fruits
  3. Home cooked meals only
  4. High protein diets
  5. No fast food
  6. Proper breakfast
  7. Never skip a meal
  8. Take snacks at short intervals
  9. Be careful to drink plenty of water
  10. Add nutritious food on the menu


A yoga mom is a warrior mom. How a mother lives and sacrifices all her life for her children is an anecdote seen nowhere and in no other case. Most of all, a mother is bold, confident and strong. She just needs to take a deep breath, slow down and explore herself reborn as a yoga mom. Be a legacy all of us loves and are proud to pass on. So, be a yoga mom!

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