10 Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga: #3 is a must


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With yoga getting immensely popular, it becomes essential to make it a part of your regime. In this article, I’m going to share with you the effective therapeutic benefits of yoga.

So, let’s start exploring 10 amazing therapeutic benefits to get started right away.

Yoga is good for everyone. It is the amazing range of health benefits which led to the popularity of yoga in the last decade. Do you know in 2008 there were about 17 million people doing yoga in the United States? And the number increased to 28 million by spring of 2016.

There are reams of research on it these days. For some, it is a way to breathe, sweat, and stretch away negativity, to others it helps to connect their mind with body, boosting endurance and increasing flexibility. So, it won’t be wrong saying that yoga has a lot to offer, and for everyone.

In fact, the gender differences seem to be dissipating too. A few years ago, women outnumbered men four to- one, and now the new study conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal states that 72% of practitioners are women and 28% are men.

Regardless of your age, gender, flexibility, or body shape, yoga welcomes everyone to the mat. It ensures to be helpful in meeting the variety of health goals.

Here’s a sneak peek at the top 10 therapeutic benefits to include yoga into your daily routine.

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga

1. Makes You Happy:

There are numerous studies highlighting the effects of yoga on mood. It also helps tune in to one’s own inner voice. German researchers asked a group of ‘emotionally distressed’ women to practice three hours of yoga a week for three months. And the results were amazing – 50% improvement in depression, 30% in anxiety and 65% improvement in overall well-being were found.

Moreover, it lets you channel your inner child. Just imagine you can go upside down, take all sorts of fun shapes, roar like a lion, or steal away a nap at the end of your practice. Isn’t that fun?

2. Strengthen From Inside Outside:

In the beginning, some people find it difficult to make yoga a routine. But it is not a hard thing to do. Try some simple sessions and you will find things getting easier with the passage of time. Actually, when you practice yoga, your body starts building strength. There are several balancing poses which call for core engagement and make use of stabilizing muscles. So staying in a balancing pose, requires focus, attention to your breath, which truly helps you develop strength.

3. Bid Adieu to Stress:

Stress poses negative effects on people from all walks of life. Yoga is a true stress reliever as you learn to pay attention to your breath. The easiest way to change your mindset and emotional state is to just slow down and take deep, full breaths. Relax your parasympathetic nervous system to eliminate anxiety and tension. Gradually, you will start discovering the powerful connection with the breath. For other easy ways to avoid stress in daily life, read out how to avoid stress in daily life.

4. Boosts Flexibility:

You can tap into your own flexibility with yoga. It limbers you up, and you don’t have to be ‘Gumby’ necessarily. It is the process itself which makes you perfect for practice. Basically, it is all about stretching your own limitations. With the breathing process, you will be able to go deeper into each posture, opening up more every day. Remember, it is a process and it will take time. You will see progress, but don’t expect instant results.

5. Increases Your Focus:

While it helps you to deal with stress and anxiety, it tends to increase the size of certain parts of your brain. It affects the superior parietal cortex which further helps you concentrate your attention on specific things. In case, you have a million things to do and projects on the go, practicing yoga will be helpful. Yoga encourages focus and creativity, altogether.

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga
6. Benefits You Emotionally:

As it helps to build strength and flexibility, you’ll also encounter the many emotional benefits. A regular yoga practice not only helps achieve physical goals but also brings forth positive emotional changes. So with all those outward transformations, yoga teaches you to listen to your body. A newfound positivity comes long as it helps you tune in to your own instincts.

7. Reduces Inflammation:

Besides from mental health, practicing yoga is found to reduce inflammation as well. Although inflammation is a normal immune response, yet chronic inflammation can be a reason for the development of pro-inflammatory diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In a study, it was found that the individuals who practiced yoga had lower levels of inflammatory markers as compared to those who didn’t.

8. Portable and Easy:

There could be nothing easier than yoga. You just need your body and breath to practice yoga. Of course, mats are easy to tote, but you can do well using a towel or even the floor. So, you don’t need to break the bank unnecessarily. Though these days, there are fancy equipment available to do yoga, yet these are not essential. You can do it anywhere, even at your desk chair in the office.

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9. Adaptable To Everyone:

Whatever shape, size, gender, or age group you belong to, yoga is for you. Reason being, you can adapt it to your own body. It is a continuous learning experience. Beginners need to understand that there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all way to practice yoga. Those who practice it, strive for higher enlightenment. But it’s about far more than learning a series of poses to perfection.

10. A Healthy Heart:

Having a bowl of the Cheerios might be helpful to lower your blood pressure. But the way yoga benefits your heart health is amazing! There are studies stating that regular practice can slow down your heart rate. It benefits those with the blood pressure issues, and certainly – the heart diseases. It decreases the blood pressure level and prevents heart attacks.

The Future of Yoga…

Yoga seems to be increasingly appealing to people of all ages. The figure is forecast to rise to 55 million participants by 2020. So it will likely be an even more widespread phenomenon than it already is. What are you waiting for?  Hope you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Make it a regular part of life, get lean, improve your balance, increase flexibility, and become stronger.

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