How Yoga Help in Boosting Creativity

Yoga Boosting Creativity

Want to rewire your brain for innovative thinking?

The ancient art of yoga promotes healthy lifestyles and well being, not only this but if in case you are feeling uninspired and you want your creative juices to flow, yoga can help you!

How Yoga Help in Boosting Creativity

Practicing yoga in routine can fiercely broaden and support our creative expressions. Creativity takes courage and it is the power to act. By yoga, we can foster our creative skills by the unification of our mind body and spirit. We often associate the term yoga with strength, flexibility, and well being but now it has also been associated with the terms “Creativity” as well as “Innovative Thinking”.

If boosting your mental peace and creativity is the reason of why you made a decision to climb on the yoga mat, Congratulations! You made a right choice. Let’s have a look at how various yoga poses can help foster creative thinking.

Understanding how Yoga Unlocks Creativity

Build Awareness With Yoga:

Is music, poetry, painting, sculpture etc your choice of creative medium? Whatever be your choice, you need to be in tune with the world around you in order to get the best possible outcomes.
Yoga helps to develop the most required quality of focus. Practicing yoga can help to open your mind up in order to focus on the creative process in a better way. You can concentrate or focus well on the task at hand without being distracted by the noise going on around you. Yoga indulges in you the habit of acknowledging the noise instead of fighting with it.

Acknowledge And Accept Your Thoughts And Feelings:

Mindfulness is the state of being conscious or aware of something. The practice of mindfulness is becoming more mainstream these days. It greatly helps to reduce the level of stress, increase well being, and promote innovative thought processes that help to generate and explore creative ideas. The things we practice in yoga extends across all areas of life; it gives us the ability to perform each task with a purpose. Practice Yoga and make creativity a way you share your soul with the world.

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Yoga Is a Complete Workout:

Practicing yoga is a very challenging physical activity which requires lots of strength, hard work, endurance and balance as well. For overall health, yoga is considered to be one of the complete forms of workout in which you can participate to experience overall health benefits.
Regular exercising can have powerful benefits for your health. Roll Out your yoga mats and dive into your first sequence of postures. This will already be giving a boost to your creative skills.

Yoga Also Boosts Confidence:

Creativity and confidence are interrelated. Being creative requires lots of confidence and yoga can help you unleash the creative potential that resides within you.
If creative confidence is like a muscle then what are few exercises I can do in order to strengthen my creative confidence?

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In my experience, you can practice the following yoga postures for the same:

  • Forearm Plank
  • Warrior lll
  • Warrior ll
  • Chair Pose
  • Half moon pose

By practicing these you will certainly know that how low your stress level is when your confidence is high. You will have more energy and you will consider yourself to be more capable of making a positive difference.

Yoga And Patience:

Patience is not a virtue but a necessity these days. Patience helps to lead a path of our creative pursuits in a stress-free way. Without patience, unfinished masterpieces pile up.
But it’s not even that tough to adopt the virtue of patience in your lives. Yoga is a key to develop patience. To develop this virtue in order to be more creative you can practice certain poses like:

  • Cow Pose
  • Cat Pose

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Poses to Boost Creativity

The right poses in the right combinations can help remove those cob webs in your heads to make way for new ideas.
Here are few poses that can actually make it happen:

Eagle Pose:
Whenever you feel creatively blocked you can try this hip-opener. You can get rid of any apprehension holding you back from self-expression by practicing this yoga posture. An added bonus is that this pose helps in stretching the shoulders that carry the entire burden throughout the day.

Pigeon Pose:
Do you know – We store emotions in our hips. Not only this but hips and pelvis is also the center for creativity. Hip-openers like Pigeon pose can help people release a lot of negative emotion that is stored there. Pigeon pose can act as the best medicine for blocked creativity.

Headstand is a very useful pose for those who are into creative works. It offers a crisp and original perspective which is highly important for all the creative people out there. Also, this pose brings a little extra oxygen to the brain.

Child’s Pose:
Creativity cannot always be forced. Sometimes to be creative all you need is a break. Relax, take a break and let the wisdom of creativity bubble up in a most natural way. Whenever you feel that you have run out of a stream, practice the Child Pose.

Seated Meditation:
It is important for you to know that you are part of something so much bigger than yourself. You must spend few minutes daily in seated meditation. Connecting with this idea can put you in the perfect frame of mind to hone your crafts and creations out into the world.

In all, having a creative skill is an absolute blessing. Being capable of expressing your thoughts to the world is one of the most incredible gifts of God. Yoga not only elevates our physical health but yoga boosts our mental health also. Do whatever you love to do! Yoga will help you do that. Even, many famous personalities like David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Justin Timberlake stay in the same yoga position for hours in order to advance their creative space. You should also strongly consider adding yoga to your wellness toolkit.

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