Yoga Teaching: Profession and Practice


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A Case Study on Yoga Teaching: Profession and Practice

Sanrina (28) is a widow. Only one year she was living with her husband. When her husband was died, she was carrying a baby. After her son’s birth she was depressed about her future. She belief human being consists of five sheaths or koshas – body, breath, mind, intellect and finally bliss. Yoga can guide from the gross to the subtler aspects of our being, finally experiencing the joy and peace that’s inherent in everyone. She admitted a yoga center and practices more and crossed her depression. After that she has completed a diploma course on yoga. And she decided that she would establish a yoga center as yoga teaching is a smart profession now a days. She is now a good instructor. She has 30 students. She has changed her life and tries to produce 30 healthy instructors.

Yoga consist many things. Mostly it covers the skills to teach asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and other Hatha Yoga practices. Anyone can learn how yoga practices can offer various results ranging from good health and well being to inner peace, happiness and more. On the other hand Hatha Yoga practice is to prepare human being for deeper yoga, a subject also covered on the course. Hatha Yoga is the physical practice translated as ‘forced’ where the practitioner uses postures, breathing, cleansing and energy locks as part of their transformation in health of mind, body and spiritual self.

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Meditation, chanting, Classical Yoga, and the four different paths of Yoga are also covered on the course. Both householder and renunciation practice’s are explored along with the different stages of a yoga practitioners personal journey. Yoga lineages and variations of many styles are embraced from ancient to modern times.

In western country Yoga is a medicine. Bill Harper, publisher of the magazine Yoga Journal said, “As more people have gone through the process of practicing yoga, they realize those benefits, want to become more immersed and want to impart that to others,” “One way is to pursue teaching.”
yoga-trainingIt’s hard to know exactly how many yoga instructor in the world but in America is  rising numbers of Americans who do yoga — up from 4.3 million in 2001 — is any sign, teachers, too, are having their moment. In 2005, North American Studio Alliance, an industry group, found 70,000 people with teaching certificates in yoga.

Yoga is being a profession. The salary of yoga instructor is very handsome now. Many Universities include Yoga subject as like as a regular subject. It is becoming a demanding subject. Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi. Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai, The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Yogic Science & Research Bhuvneshwar, Odisha are teaching Yoga. Cambridge University, University of California, University of Vermont, and University of New Mexico are top ranking yoga university of the world.

So why are you waiting for? Let’s grab the new challenge and stylish your yoga career.

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